Movement Criteria

Please note: All movements between squads are subject to the club's coaches approval. Meeting criteria does not guarantee movement.

Development Squad: 

To be eligible to move into Development squad swimmers in Improvers 3 must demonstrate the following criteria have been met. 

  • Competed at Club Championships and / or Open Meets.
  • Have swim times recorded on Swim England Rankings by entering and swimming at Club Championships or Open meets.
  • Be willing and confirm that they are willing to train 2-3 times per week.
  • Demonstrate all four strokes, streamlining, and starts in line with the rules of competitive swimming and to the satisfaction of the coach.
  • Haver an understanding of the pace clock and be able to use it for simple training sets.

Junior Squad:

To be eligible for entry into Junior Squad, swimmers will have:

  • Records of competitive swims on Swim England Rankings.  These should be achieved at Club Championships or at Open meets/Team events.
  • A willingness and ability to attend three training sessions per week.
  • Attend all Club Championship events unless agreed with your coach.
  • Attend and compete for Team Eastbourne events when selected and to attend a minimum of four Open meets per season (September to July).
  • Have a proven attendance record of three training sessions per week.


To be eligible for entry into Squad, swimmers will:

  • Have achieved County Championships Qualifying Times on a minimum of two strokes.
  • Be able to use a pace clock to manage training set without help from a coach
  • Be a minimum of 9 years old.
  • Be mentally and physically ready at the discretion of the coach.
  • Have been attending Open meets, Team galas and Club Championships on a regular basis as well as training a minimum of 3 times per week on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Have all basics in place such as streamlining 5m from walls, correct turns on all strokes and correct starts on all strokes.
  • Acceptance to Squad will be subject to a trial period in order to prove that the swimmer is able to cope with the training demands both in terms of training sets but also able to meet the minimum training requirements of three times per week.
  • To start morning training at least once per week.

Elite Squad:

To be eligible for entry into Elite Squad, swimmers will:

  • Attend Saturday morning training once invited each week after being invited by the Squad Coach. These sessions are additional to the normal evening training sessions.
  • Be attending two morning training sessions as outlined in the clubs training schedule.
  • Have reached 5 County Qualification times and have a Regional qualification time for a minimum of two events.
  • Be aged 12+ (female) or 13+ (male) in line with National Championship qualification minimum ages.
  • Be mentally, physically and emotionally ready to attend Elite squad. This will be assessed by the coaches at training and competitions.
  • Committed to training a minimum of 4 times per week (Evenings) plus Saturdays and morning sessions (Saturday and morning training are additional and not included in the 4 evening sessions per week).